Thursday, November 25, 2010

Art Crimes: Graffiti News and Events: FL, Miami: Dec. 2-5, 2010: Art Basel - LA vs MIA

Art Crimes: Graffiti News and Events: FL, Miami: Dec. 2-5, 2010: Art Basel - LA vs MIA
Thanks to Art Crimes for posting our flyer!

Cale -LA

Recent works by Cale One,mastering the realistic art realms!

Coming Soon to Miami Art Basel!

Vyal -L.A

Beautifully customized wooden box,skillfully brought to you by Vyal One. Check him out soon in Miami!

The First Piece Has Been Dropped!!

Quake(MIA) has dropped his contribution piece in honor of the recently departed Miami writer Ynot.The walls are coming to life!
Shot Outs to Unisew Inc.for allowing this maddness!


Big Up's! To ARTPRIMO.COM and Molotow/Belton for making this art collaboration possible. We were honored to be sraying to the beat of these cans!

Sand One-Pocos Pero Locos!

Down Town Los Angeles Ca.

Art Primo Has Joined LAVSMIA!

Gracias to the Art Primo Family for theyre support to the LAVSMIA team mates in aiding to they're compulsive vandal needs!

Transversal - MTN Cap Demo

Soft Cap - MTN Cap Demo

Universal - MTN Cap Demo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Montana Colors has Joined The Team!!

Who is Montana Colors?
In 1994 a group of paint industry innovators started a company by doing what their successors at Montana Colors S.L. still do: listening to their customers. What they heard was that brand after brand of spray paint lacked consistency, had become watered down, lackluster and difficult to control. Their answer?

To design and create spray paint with the artists in mind. The spirit of innovation, determination and commitment to quality manifested itself in the creation of the Hardcore™ brand of decorative coatings for art, home, or industry. Montana Colors has consistently set the benchmark for all "artist" paints and boutique brands to try to match. Today montana Colors serves a global market from their headquarters and 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Barcelona Spain.

Big Thanks from the LAVS MIA - to Montana North America for their generous Aerosol sponsorship!


Conart Has Joined LAVSMIA!! Big Ups to Conart for gearing up all the participants of LA VS MIA!

Conart was established in 1989 as one of the first labels to use designs by some of the top graffiti artists in the world. Hip-hop artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Method Man, Red Man, and many more have rocked Conart! Big things are coming...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Graff Toyz--Has Officially Joined LA VS MIA!

Graff Toyz creates interactive graffiti inspired toys and art objects. GRAFF TOYZ™ introduces new and interactive ways to appreciate the art as well as inspire future generations. GRAFF TOYZ exposes those who may otherwise never appreciate or understand the dynamic and spontaneous art form of graffiti.Graff Toyz salutes all current day graffiti and street artists, recognizing the spirit and heart behind the work being done by celebrating the evolving and growing styles emerging all over the world

Check out and contact: GRAFF TOYZ  Here

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gil One (LA) RIP

I had the pleasure of meeting Gil One in Pico Union towards the end of 2008. He was a cool dude. Your name and memory will live on through family, friends and crew. Rest in Power Gil One.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slap Collab

Atomik teamed up with 33third for a sticker collaboration, check it out.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Enve grew up in South Florida and is heavily influenced by his surroundings from the Ocean to the city and blending of the two together. Coming from a family line of artists and painters, he felt naturally driven to pursue and explore the arts. Starting at the age of 9, he quickly pursued drawing and painting and created imagery and illustration from the world around him. Enve started to gain a passion for Graffiti early on, epecially after a NYC trip in 1999. Heavily influenced by this movement, he embraced the art form as his method of placing his art in the public eye.  After graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a Fine Arts degree in December 2008, Enve has continued and succeeded in bringing his thoughts and experiences to life onto canvases and wall spaces. In November 2009, he was published in the new book Miami Graffiti by Prestel Publishing and James and Karla Murray.  He has recently exhibited at Eazy Street Gallery in Miami during Art Basel in 2009. He exhibited works for a four month show at the Brevard Art Museum in an exhibition titled ‘From the Gutter to the Gallery' in 2009.  and just finished his frst Solo Exhibition "Submersed" at Eaton Fine art in West Palm Beach "I have always meshed whatever surrounding forces are driving me into the body of work I'm doing. Sometimes my work lends itself to different areas of importance in my life, whether that be my lifestyle on the ocean, the streets or my lifestyle in society, which I have lived and painted into one"